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L.P. Productions has been headquartered in the Louisville, KY metro area for over 10 years and was founded by our President and CEO, Denver J. Clark. Denver started the company with a “Always do the best work you possibly can and you will have enough work” operating motto in mind. To this day, he insists that everything we do take this motto into consideration.

Over the past 12 years, L.P. Productions has earned its place in the corporate and entertainment industry. Recommended by fortune 500 companies, some of the largest talent agencies in the world and favored by production managers of some of the world’s most popular entertainers, the staff at L.P. Productions has earned the reputation of being unique within these industries. We take the utmost pride and care in everything we do. The goal of our professionals is always to be there to meet the needs of the client. It takes a special skill and temperament to be a part of our team. We know what your event means to you and that is exactly what it means to us.

L.P. Productions has always meant to accentuate professionalism. Professionalism is each of our representatives  basis upon which we conduct all of our relationships. Internally this means we want to be the Employer of Choice for professionals in our industry. Externally this means that we always strive to achieve the goals closest to the customer. After our customers satisfaction our second priority is to support the employees. These men and women work extremely hard, often in an unthankful situation. Since our conception we have strived to improve the atmosphere in which these individuals work. And to reward them with not only fair compensation but rewarding enough compensation to place these professionals on the same level as any other hard working professional. Our staff consists of EMPLOYEES, not contractors.